Peak Series Brews

Three Elevated Styles Brewed in Park City

Brewed and canned in the mountains of Park City, UT, our Peak Series combines drinkability with intense flavor…much like mountain life, easy to take in and always going big.

Park City Brewery India Pale Ale

India Pale Ale

Classic American IPA. Bitterness is present, but subtle, giving a cleaner, more refreshing finish.

ABV 6.4%
IBU 62
Hops Azacca, Simcoe
Aroma Fruity, pear, pineapple, mango, tangerine.
Taste Balanced bitterness. Tropical, pineapple, mango, tangerine and pear flavor.
Park City Brewey Imperial Pilsner

Imperial Pilsner

Czech style pilsner with an American twist. Crisp with a dry finish. BIG beer that goes down easy.

ABV 7.7%
IBU 51
Hops Sterling
Aroma Slightly spicy fragrance. Herbal floral punch.
Taste Delicate bitterness. Subtle herbal, spicy flavor.
Craft Brewery Park City Brewery

American Pale Ale

Pale ale using northwest hops and caramel malt. Clean and balanced, with a smooth finish.

ABV 5.6%
IBU 40
Hops Centennial, Cascade, Columbus
Aroma Moderate citrus, piney and earthy, malty notes.
Taste Moderate caramel sweetness. Citrus, hints of grapefruit. Piney notes.

Session Series Brews

Four Refreshing Session Styles Brewed in Park City

Brewed and canned in Park City, UT, our Session Series feature ABV levels that allow outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy flavorful, drinkable beer while crushing their favorite outdoor activities. Packaged for portability, our Session Series is the ideal companion for your next outdoor adventure.

Breaking Trail Pale Ale - Park City Brewery

Breaking Trail Pale Ale

A crisp smooth, English style ale – lightly hopped to provide balance and easy to drink. Highly portable, it’s the perfect companion for hitting your favorite line. 

ABV 4.0%
IBU 31
Hops E.K. Goldings, Fuggle, Cascade
Aroma Malt, slight hop aroma. Mild friutness.
Taste Moderate to low hop, citrus zing. Medium maltiness, slight caramel.
Last Pitch IPA - Park City Brewery

Last Pitch Session IPA

Last Pitch Session IPA delivers with a bright citrus flavor and a refreshing finish. You slayed the summit, now sip the satisfaction. Enjoy!

ABV 4.0%
IBU 53
Hops Falconers Flight, Cascade, Chinook
Aroma Citrus and tropical hop aroma.
Taste Citrus and grapefruit. Less bitter refreshing finish.
Hooker Blonde Ale

Hooker Blonde Ale

Hooker Blond Ale is the color of sunshine and goes down smooth with a crisp, clean finish. After a day matching the hatch and stripping the perfect line, spend some time with your favorite blonde – it’s always a perfect 10!

ABV 4.0%
IBU 26
Hops Spalt
Aroma Herbal, spicy, malty
Taste Medium body. Subtle spicy and herbal flavor
Boogie Water Brown Ale

Boogie Water Brown

A dark brown English style Ale. With a creamy manila head, roasted malt notes, and a chocolate afterthought, Boogie Water Brown makes that exciting journey down the river worth the effort.

ABV 4.0%
IBU 43
Hops Cluster, Fuggle, Wilamette
Aroma Malty, chocolate
Taste Biscuity, nutty, roaded malt, creamy, chocolate